Turning $5 into a $10 million business | 163

with Mignon Francois

Little becomes much when you place it in the masters hands.

Mignon Francois


Our featured guest today is Mignon Francois.

Mignon Francois is the Founder and CEO of The Cupcake Collection (TCC). While crunching numbers and creating the craze are amongst her job requirements, her favorite responsibilities within this role are giving hugs, listening, and mentoring her team and other up and coming entrepreneurs who seek after her grass roots experience.

Using her “Follow Your Spirit” approach, Mignon developed an iconic flavor that drew lines and attention to the hip nature of her Historic Germantown neighborhood that hadn’t seen this concept developed prior. The success of TCC thereby became icing on the cake amongst the existing North Nashville restaurateurs that would ignite a new movement to the area for other business concepts that might not otherwise have considered doing business in North Nashville.

Since planting its roots in 2008, Mignon’s business savvy has earned her the titles of “Woman of Legend and Merit” by Tennessee State University, “Emerging Business Leader of the Year” and Black Enterprise Magazine “Family Business of the Year Award”.

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  • There are so many women in my village:  I cant do what I do without my mother; I’m grateful for my daughters because they allow me to run my business in the way that I do; I’m grateful for my grandmother who kept her hand open, and in her unselfishness, taught me so many things that I know.
  • My mother would smile at hearing me remember a woman by the name of Mrs. Fishburne.  She was a woman that knew my mother, at the time when I was 5 years old.  She extended kindness to my mother so she could feed us and make it through the week, after having given her last as her tithe.
  • Keep your hand open. Yes, things will fall out, but when you lose things, you also leave your hand open to receive from God.
  • All you get to keep is whatever you can hold in your hand.
  • What do you have in your house? Tell me what youve got, and I’ll tell you what you can do with it?
  • I turned $5 into $60 in one day; I turned $60 into $600 by the end of the week; and I turned that into over $10M in the time that my business has been in operation.
  • Little becomes much when you place it in the Masters hands.
  • Listen to that little voice on the inside that’s telling you that YOU CAN!
  • When we speak against ourselves, and we tell ourselves that we cant do things, who’s ourselves supposed to believe, if we can’t believe in us.
  • Check what you want for yourself, by speaking what you seek until you see what youve said.
  • The glass is half empty or the glass is half full; either way you see it, youre right.
  • Hunger is what inspired me.  When you are hungry you will do what it takes to eat.
  • When you are sick and tired of being tired, you will do something to change your situation.
  • All you own is now.  You only own what you choose to do with the moment that youre sitting in.
  • When you give all that you o-w-n right in the n-o-w, you will  have w-o-n.
  • Mignon’s approach to parenting:  “I nurtured very early on, my childrens ability to hear God for themselves.”
  • What we are living in preparation for has nothing to do with us but the ones that are coming behind us.
  • A good man leaves an inheritance to his childrens children.

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