With social media, you’ve got the ability to introduce your brand to people all over the world for free! That’s pretty cool when you think about it.

Now those who connect with you are most likely doing so because they find something about your brand that they identify with. But once they connect with you, ball is now in your court to begin to build a relationship, develop that trust and get them to feel like they really know and like you. When that happens, they’ll not only become your customer but could likely bring you referrals and advocate for your business.

This is where developing engaging conversations with your fans and followers comes into play with your social media strategy.

Of course, the number one frustration I hear quite often from folks is “I dont know what to post to get people talking”.

So I’ve decided to share 52 social media topics to spark that conversation about your brand:

  1. Share a statistic about your industry
  2. Share your new years resolution
  3. Post a testimonial or thank you note you’d received (get permission from the client)
  4. Recognize a local business you love
  5. Tell your followers what you learned today
  6. Share a favorite inspirational quote
  7. Share your favorite magazine (link to their twitter handle or fan page)
  8. Mention a favorite charity (link to their twitter handle or fan page)
  9. Answer a question that a client has asked you today
  10. Ask for a referral on a major purchase you are about to make
  11. Explain why you are passionate about your business
  12. Link to a favorite facebook page that you follow and why you follow it
  13. Link to a funny youtube video
  14. Link to your pinterest channel
  15. Link to your youtube channel
  16. Link to your facebook page
  17. Post a picture of your team and staff
  18. Link to a blog site that inspires you
  19. Ask your followers what they’d like to know more about
  20. Ask people to make suggestions on how to improve your website, blog page, service
  21. Share your opinion about a local news story
  22. Endorse a product or service
  23. Share a success story about how you helped someone
  24. Ask for a referral on technology that you are planning to purchase
  25. Share a cool technology tool
  26. Talk about a business book you are reading right now
  27. Share a business tip
  28. Offer a free report or white paper for your followers
  29. Ask people what they are doing today
  30. Share who inspires you
  31. Ask your followers who inspires them
  32. Share your favorite website and ask followers to share theirs
  33. Request that your followers share a post with their followers
  34. Share the latest “thing” about your industry with your followers
  35. Share a favorite time saving tip
  36. Share great news
  37. Share a mistake and how you turned it around
  38. Talk about training events you’ve attended (and share a picture)
  39. Talk about an organization you belong to and why
  40. Share how you will be celebrating your holidays
  41. Compliment a team / staff member on a job well done
  42. Talk about how your industry has changed since you started
  43. Share what you are grateful for today
  44. Talk about something that really bothers you and why
  45. Talk about a myth that people have about your industry
  46. Share info about an event that you sponsored
  47. Share a link to an online mention someone else made about you
  48. Share a training certification you just accomplished
  49. Celebrate milestones… anniversary of years in business
  50. Share industry tips with links to websites
  51. Ask for referrals
  52. Share how you did something that would make someone’s life easier amd help them save money and time

I hope these help you get your creative engagement juices flowing.


I’d love to hear what’s working for YOU in the comment section below.

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