If your business is to learn from the likes of Disney, Nordstrom and Apple in delivering that one intangible that gets them more traffic, more sales and more profits each and every year, when others can't figure out how to duplicate that same success, then this will be the most important intangible you tackle in your business this year.

Learning How To Deliver A 5 Star Customer Service Experience!

Your customers are receiving millions of new information bites each and every day and you are competing for their attention and it's tougher than ever to set yourself and your business apart on the tangibles alone…

All your competitors are innovative, all offer the best coffee, the best car, the best rates, the lowest prices…

So if you don't want to join the deal site revolution and begin price and profit margin wars, here's what you must do right now:

Begin to play the role of a prospective customer coming in contact with your business, product or service for the very first time (whether by web, social media, phone or walking through your doors).  What is their experience going to be like?  Is it typical, is it poor, or is it something they've likely never experienced before?

Make it different

Start to focus on those tiniest of details in your client's service experience that could take it from ordinary to extraordinary.

Make it your goal TODAY to begin to provide that customer immense VALUE, something beyond their expectations, and deliver more in those intangibles that won’t cost you much more, but will deliver more than the customer thought possible.

Get Them Talking!  

Do the above in a GREAT way and begin to watch your customers talk about your business, products and service to their friends, family and colleagues, which will lead to more positive visibility and PR for your brand… and more referrals and more sales!

Thinking back to my most memorable service experiences, I might struggle to think of what was actually said by a salesman, but I remember the feeling I had forever!

Begin To WOW!

Make it a goal today to look at your client's experience from beginning to end and find ways to deliver that WOW factor right now!

What about you?

Did I miss anything that you think are essential and that you’d like to share with the community? Feel free to share in the comment section below!

Photo by Morgan Basham on Unsplash

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