It's not even a question.

You want to turn up. You want to go higher. You want that side hustle to blow up so you can glow up.

So why does day after day pass you by without seeing progress. “You're going to do it”, but that was 18 months ago since the idea came to you and you still don't even have a formal plan in place to take the first step, much less the next.

I'm not here to bash your head in. I am here to remind you that you still got 8 weeks in 2017 to get started. You don't need to wait til

2018's busted resolution process to get the ball rolling. You got 60 days left to make this idea count.

Step One: Put the vision, mission and some goals down on paper

What, why, when, how, where?? Start giving thought to what this idea looks like 20 years out. When you do, we can backdoor into your 5 year, 1 year goals, and task out what might need to happen in the next month and the rest of this year to see some progress. Forget trying to make it to the moon. We just need the smallest of a win to hold on to for 2017!

Step Two: Setup 5 tasks that you can do in November to get the wheels turning

Could you craft your product or service offering? Buy a domain name? Secure your social media handles? Talk with a prospective client to gauge their needs and position your marketing message to fulfill that need?

Step Three: Sell your product.

Find just one person that's willing to buy what you've got. Doesn't matter the price, doesn't matter the level of service. Just get someone to invest in you once! We need the wheel turning, so you can get feedback, feel what it feels like to do this service or provide your product. Once you do, you'll know if it's work you're in love with, or maybe not and you need to move on to the next.

Failure is not a bad thing, and simply represents lessons that help us. They allow us unique experiences that only help us to grow.

Now, the above doesn't happen with you keeping things as they were. What will you give up to glow up? What are you will to sacrifice today that will allow you to experience more tomorrow? Remember that results happen in action, not in planning.

Comment below and let me know when you're done with step one. I'm excited to see what you'll do in 2018 and beyond.

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